Wireless Question

Douglas Smith dsmith at comrent.com
Tue Nov 6 19:50:05 GMT 2007

Netgear I hear is the best solution, but I have as of yet not been 
enable to get wireless working for myself. I would greatly appreciate 
any knowledge on this subject.

I believe that Ubuntu forums has a wiki up about this, various 
manufacturers are tested from reports from the field by various users 
showing the outcome of testing in Ubuntu Linux.


Ron Swift wrote:
> I have a question regarding which wireless pci cards work best with
> Ubuntu 7.10 running on older Pentium 2 and 3 machines.
> Also, has anyone had experience with using a wireless repeater or
> extender to extend the wireless signal from one building to another
> across about 150 ft?
> The Childrens Home is now using the 2 donated Ubuntu 7.10 workstations
> in one of their newer classrooms. They are still looking for other
> donated systems preferrably with wireless pci cards that can be
> installed in the older classrooms. They are primarily using the systems
> for after school homework research via the Internet and reports using
> OpenOffice writer.
> Thanks

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