Senior Center Computer Project Update

Ron Swift rswift at
Fri Nov 2 17:26:55 GMT 2007

This is an update on my efforts to donate 4 computer systems with Ubuntu
installed. I have received final approval to install two Ubuntu
workstations at the Randallstown Co-op Senior Center. The systems will
be installed in the library. The Verizon DSL service was ordered two
weeks ago. They have posted a notice and have asked residents to sign up
for introductory training. When I visited the site on Wed, October 31,
there were a number of people that had signed the training list.
I would like to have some members assist me with the training. I also
need a network ink jet printer that is Linux friendly. The center will
pay for the printer.
Secondly, I am installing two Ubuntu workstations at the Children's Home
in Catonsville ( on Monday, November 5. This is
a group home for children ages 8 to 20 that was established in 1863. The
two systems will be installed in the library. They also need additional
workstations in the dormitories after they are wired for Internet
access. Please let me know if anyone has spare workstations that can run
Ubuntu 7.10 that they would like to donate to the Children's Home.
Ronald Swift

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