Important Updates

Ubuntu Maryland Loco Team ubuntu-us-md at
Fri Jul 13 16:35:52 BST 2007

Hi all,

The install fest is fast approaching, so please be sure to check in to the
forums on regularly to stay current with the preparations. Just a few things
of note:

   1. If you've offered to attend or to help with the install fest in any
   fashion, please make your intentions known in the forums so we can delegate
   tasks to those who are best equipped to complete them.
   2. If you've offered hardware, please check to make sure that your
   hardware is still available and that the hardware post in the
forums<>is up to date.
   3. Also be sure to check out the team wiki for the
   4. If you haven't already done so, please add yourself to the wiki's
   members list <>. Yes, I
   know there's a list in Launchpad, but we want to advertise our team's
   uber-awesomeness, and the best way to do this is to proudly display our
   members in our wiki. Please DO THIS NOW. It'll take two minutes. If you're
   uncomfortable editing the wiki, send your info to me and I'll add you.
   5. Don't forget about our meeting this Thursday at the library.
   6. We're currently discussing the possibility of an ad-hoc IRC meeting
   sometime this weekend to discuss install fest preparations. Please watch the
   forums AND the wiki for updates on this. We'd like to see in you in

-- Josh

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