Hamfest Space?

Chuck Frain chuckfrain at pobox.com
Sat Dec 22 21:34:19 GMT 2007

The end of March signifies the one year anniversary of the first Ubuntu
Maryland Local Community Team.

We held the meeting during the Greater Baltimore Hamboree and
Computerfest <http://gbhc.org> [http://gbhc.org] in the Vista room oddly

Who would be interested in manning a booth at the next Hamfest? There
will be a charge for the space. According to the page it's $100 per
table for the Exhibition Hall. There has been, I think, some discount in
the price in the past for SIG's but that's not on the page as of now. I
know that the Canonical marketing team has some resources for attending
functions like this so I'll dig into that. At worst I think there might
be a small additional investment in some signage, printing flyers and CDs.

Any other thoughts or opinions?

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