Help With New Server

Ubuntu Maryland Loco Team ubuntu-us-md at
Fri Aug 31 21:53:23 BST 2007

I have a new Dell Poweredge server that I want to use as a backup to an
asterisk server box. I install Ubuntu dapper server on it so that it
would be the same distribution/version as the primary server. All went
well and the Winbond W89C840 network card was detected and configured.
I then made a tar image of the primary asterisk box using this command:
tar cvpzf backupfile.tgz --exclude=/proc --exclude=/lost&found
--exclude=backupfile.tgz --exclude=/mnt --exclude=/sys /
I then restored this image tar file on the new poweredge server.
I rebooted the new server and everything seems to work with the
exception of networking. I can not get the system to load the Windbond
network driver.
What I would like to do is to have the system run from the command line
the script that is used during the install process to reconfigure the
net card driver, but I don't know how to do that.
Any help on this would be appreciated.
Ronald Swift

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