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On Tue, Jan 11, 2022 at 11:36 AM James Gray <jamespgray at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Steven, I'm not aware of anything Ubuntu specific going on locally,

Right, since the formal community team program (that spawned this list,
which happily remains) was wound down by Canonical, local activities have
been less strongly branded.

but check out the *Boston Linux Unix* group - http://blu.org/

As the name suggests, BLU is older than Linux and is inclusive of all Bell
UNIX descendents as well as Linux, *BSD, etc.
(BLU is one of two known surviving SIGs of the late, great, lamented Boston
Computer Society.)
Currently virtual only, using Jitsi FLOSS.  3d Wednesday of the month.

In the COVID-before-times, BLU ran Linux Installfests (and we'd help with
BSD if asked, but largely Ubuntu & downstreams and Fedora), and we hope to
return to such someday.
(BLU installfests were more practical lab and less demo/party than the
really cool ones Mike aka Lefty and Doctor Mo organized for Ubuntu-US-MA; i
enjoyed helping both, differently.)

Somewhat further afield,

North: *Greater New Hampshire LUG* GNHLUG.org had monthly meetings in each
corner of that state and has their own mailing list (with much cross over
with BLU).

(Jon "maddog" Hall, retired Linux executive and regular columnist, is a
ringleader in GNHLUG and longtime long-range visitor at BLU. Jon recently
donated audio recordings of two very early DECUS talks by Linus on Linux
(1994) to Archive.org ; slides for one of the talks are archived at BLU
https://archive.org/details/199405-decusnew-orleans/ &
http://blu.org/meetings /1994/08/ )


West, but not as far West as Worcester:  *Natick FOSS User Group* is
Ubuntu-leaning (but with strong Fedora minority report from Jerry :-D) that
pre-COVID met in the town Community Senior Center conference room and
co-sponsored BLU install-fests. Since this group meets 3-5pm local, even
tho virtual now, it's still largely addressing the (semi)retired
demographic. About half current/former software professionals and half
users avoiding upgrade fee spiral of commercial software. (Normally First
Thursday of the month except when there's a holiday so meeting this
week.)   https://www.millermicro.com/FOSSUserGroupNatick.html
Currently virtual only, using Jitsi FLOSS.

(I'll be running Boston Perl Mongers round table tonight ... 2d Tuesdays
... also currently virtual only, using Jitsi FLOSS. [ Boston.pm.org/bpm/ ],
whose Calendar i need to update next ASAP !)
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