[ubuntu-us-ma] MA ubuntu patriots

Mike Rushton leftyfb at ubuntu.com
Tue Jan 11 16:03:26 UTC 2022


Unfortunately, I haven't heard of any Ubuntu gatherings or any sense of
clubs or groups in many years. I do miss our meetups and installfests.
I'm in Lowell and was trying to get some sort of regular Ubuntu/Linux
meetups going at the local makerspace here, but then COVID hit and put
that on hold. Maybe when things clear up a bit I might look into getting
that going.


On 1/11/22 10:37 AM, jsr L wrote:
> Hello ubuntu patriots,
> I'm moving to Boston.  Please refer me to a local ubuntu club in
> Boston.  I use ubuntu exclusively and would like to invite more people
> become a part of the ubuntu community.  I would be very interested in
> joining a weekly meeting in person.
> Steven Li

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