[ubuntu-us-ma] pangolin installation fails

Martin Owens doctormo at gmail.com
Sat Apr 28 19:47:41 UTC 2012

On Sat, 2012-04-28 at 00:41 -0400, Steven Morth wrote:
> The live CD works fine  including the sound
> but when I try to reboot after a
> supposedly successful installation it hangs for more than a minute
> but i can hear the start up beeps
> after selecting generic pae boot from grub
> when I select the rescue partition I get to a text menu
> when I select continue boot I get to a login screen 

Sounds like a timing problem. You'd better add your syslog and dmesg to
any bug you report or email so anyone who wants to help could look and
see what the computer is doing.

These are the kind of issues that the proposed Ubuntu club would be good
at dealing with. With no money involved it's very hard to see how
individuals can get nasty problems fixed like this without a whole lot
of charity from the community.


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