[ubuntu-us-ma] pangolin installation fails

Steven Morth morth at rcn.com
Sat Apr 28 04:41:10 UTC 2012

I cannot install the latest LTS Ubuntu version 12.04
on my ASUS eeepc 1201 pc
The live CD works fine  including the sound
but when I try to reboot after a
supposedly successful installation it hangs for more than a minute
but i can hear the start up beeps
after selecting generic pae boot from grub

when I select the rescue partition I get to a text menu
when I select continue boot I get to a login screen

hardwarex specs:
integrated GMA graphics
single core ATOM 350 processor
1gb RAM

I have tried yesterdays 386 desktop
an alternate 386 from 2 days gao
and the beta2 release all with same results

I have naively submitted this as bug to launchpad

I am not happy with Gnome 3 or Unity and heard some
very unsettling rumours on the future of kubuntu

I prefer KDE to the mess that is Gnome

I gave up on oneric because of the completely crappy sound

Natty Narwhal installed and still works fine;
the last release with sensible Gnome menu

I need some help with launchpad and irc chat trying to debug
this by proxy

this is a very disappointing ready for prime time release

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