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David Overcash funnylookinhat at gmail.com
Mon May 23 03:54:30 UTC 2011

Martin -
I definitely hear you - as the Colorado team has been through it's ups and
downs - but if I can give you any advice, its that running the two events a
year ( even if they're just release parties ) make it worth keeping the team
together.  Ultimately, your goal should be to find another group of leaders
who are just as excited as you four used to be, and then pass the baton to

In the meantime - I've found the best way to connect with team members and
to continue to stay as present as possible as a leader is to try to schedule
smaller / less-formal get-togethers.  We have a local meetup group that
we've partnered with that hosts a once-a-month get together to talk shop
about Linux and whatnot - it's done wonders for expanding the member base
and has greatly increased our activity.  Maybe you should try reaching out
to other groups in the area and partner with them in a similar fashion?
 Sometimes something as simple as promising 50 CDs to a local group is
enough to create strong ties to carry both of your teams together through
the rough patches.

Just some thoughts - hopefully they're encouraging and helpful.


On Sun, May 22, 2011 at 9:24 PM, Martin Owens <doctormo at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hey guys,
> I seek advice from the greater 'Local Community' Community about what to
> do with the Massachusetts Team and in effect what to do with it as it's
> the only team in New England that has ever been active enough to really
> run some big events.
> The team used to be lead by a bunch of different people who came to the
> team back when Ubuntu was new and exciting. Me, Mike, Steve and Danny.
> The rag-tag bunch ran the team fairly well. Steve has his MIT
> commitments, Mike is annoyed with Ubuntu Design direction, Danny is
> pissed off about the lack of Free Software advocacy and I'm way over
> committed as a foss programmer and contractor.
> So what to do? If I call time on the team then New England (and area of
> about 14 million people) will have no LoCo at all. Not that the team
> does more than an event a year at the moment, but at least it's
> something and shows that things are happening.
> We could do with help to resuscitate the team, either from the loco
> council or from some friendly people in the rest of the community. I
> don't really know what to do any more and I don't want to pretend I
> don't care any more, Ubuntu is the only software community actually
> attempting to make the FreeDesktop thing fly in the real world and the
> Local Communities have been instrumental in pushing the system out into
> the real world.
> So despite the headwinds, we need a push.
> Yours, Martin Owens
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