[ubuntu-us-ma] Trouble with Pidgin-skype plugin in Natty

Algot Runeman algot.runeman at verizon.net
Mon May 16 23:04:09 UTC 2011

On 05/16/2011 06:34 PM, Dave Hunt wrote:
> Hi, all!
> I recently upgraded to Natty and installed Skype, Pidgin, and the 
> subject plugin, all from the official repositories.  I am able to make 
> Skype calls and, sometimes, be heard.  When my recipient picks up, I 
> also get a dialogue asking me to accept or reject, as if the call were 
> in-coming.  When someone tries calling me, I get the ring and 
> in-coming call dialogue.  When I choose "accept", the call does not 
> get answered.  In an exchange of Skype text messages, I can see my 
> messages in the conversation window, but not those from the other 
> party.  Is there something I haven't set up right?  This arrangement 
> works in all Ubuntu versions up to and including Maverick.  I cannot 
> access Skype without this protocol plugin, since Orca screen reader 
> does not work with QT4 objects.
> Thanks for any help,
> Dave  Hunt
Sorry, no solution for you, but add that I'm having sound issues, too. 
Amarok won't play sound through my USB headphones, and microphone on 
headphone only works some time. It sounds like something generally funny 
with Phonon in Natty (11.04).


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