[ubuntu-us-ma] Attention Mike Terry Mass loco UbuntuGlobalJam

Dave Hunt ka1cey at gmail.com
Sat Jul 23 15:50:35 UTC 2011

Would this be some early weekend in October?  The Canonical office in 
Lexington worked last time.  Maybe we should try for an inner-city 
location?  Would this make it more accessible and better-attended than 
last time?  What aabout the SETC or the lab in that Dorchester housing 
project?  Maybe the FSF offices?


Dave  H.

On 20/07/11 23:43, scott wrote:
> Hello
> It was brought to my attention by the Jon Bacon at his home video blog 
> that the Global Jam is coming up. I would like to help in the 
> organization of a Mass Loco Ubuntu Jam.
> I brought this up with Martin Owen who stated that I should forward 
> the query to the list and ask Michael Terry If this event could take 
> place at the Mass Canonical Office. If this is appropriate  what would 
> be the best date and that we could have access to the building for 
> this project.
> Thank you
> -Scott Cardwell

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