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Steve Bridges steve at voodooradio.org
Fri Jul 1 01:30:02 UTC 2011

Sorry, Rio unfortunately in the fall the family and I are heading south. 
DEEP SOUTH. Well not quite Florida Keys or anything, but I will be 
closer to Atlanta than I am currently to Boston right now. Maybe this 
will give me the chance to meet up with LoCos and LUGs down there.

That is if it's not overrun by zombies when we get there... x_x

On 06/30/2011 01:46 PM, Ralph deGennaro wrote:
> Hey all,
> Awesome, cool!  Thanks Algot & Steve.
> I can already see there are a few topics to chat about.  Maybe even 
> something to lure Steve closer to Boston.  :-)  But I'll wait for 
> others to shout out or whatever the phrase may be...
> -Rio
> On Wed, Jun 29, 2011 at 9:02 PM, Steve Bridges <steve at voodooradio.org 
> <mailto:steve at voodooradio.org>> wrote:
>     Yes, Rio, we are a bunch of lurkers. I personally feel ashamed for
>     not having chimed in as much, but I am one of those keep quiet
>     unless absolutely necessary kind of subscribers. Also time
>     constraints have forced me from reading mail from the list on a
>     more consistent basis.
>     A quick intro. I currently am living in the Greater Springfield
>     Area where there is not that many people that I have found locally
>     that are using Linux. Heck a majority of the people I talked to
>     didn't know what a podcast was 4 years ago when I was looking for
>     equipment to produce one. If anyone is in this area, let me know,
>     dammit. Most of the computer folk out here are on Mac OS or
>     Windows. ;)
>     I have been using Ubuntu since Hoary Hedgehog but really went full
>     blown when Karmic was released. I went from dual booting 9.10 and
>     Windows XP Pro then took the plunge and have not turned back. I am
>     currently under Maverick, not because of the reason that Unity is
>     failing on some levels for users, but because there is a major bug
>     with the Intel driver for the latest releases that disallows me to
>     use my SVideo port to watch movies from my laptop to a TV, and
>     some other glitches I noticed. I already submitted my bug report
>     and now it's the old waiting game for it to be fixed. But that is
>     beside the point.
>     This topic peeked my interest so here we go:
>     Do:
>         * Listen to Podcasts (downloaded via gPodder)
>         * Listen to Music (via Rhythmbox or Banshee depending on my mood)
>         * Watch videos (both on the laptop screen and through SVideo
>           out to my TV)
>         * Produce a podcast (using Audacity) I haven't done one in a
>           few months, but will be relaunching soon
>           (http://www.voodooradio.org)
>         * Upload my podcast through Filezilla
>         * Create web graphics (GIMP and Inkscape)
>         * Play Games (Humble Indie Bundle's games, Minecraft,
>           Planeshift (from time to time), and more)
>         * Let my 3 year old daughter play (gCompris, TuxPaint, Potato Guy)
>         * Typical internet use (chat (XChat and Empathy), browse
>           (Chromium), email (Thunderbird), etc.)
>         * Create DVD's (dvdstyler)
>         * Create Videos (kdenlive because I had so much issues with
>           OpenShot and PiTiVi in the past) See my youtube channel
>           (http://www.youtube.com/voodoostevie) for examples. The
>           first 3 I made back on 2006 were under Windows Movie Maker,
>           but all after that are using kdenlive.
>     What I want to do:
>         * Home banking (HomeBank looks decent, but I haven't delved
>           into it)
>         * Learn to use Blender for creating video sequences and more.
>         * Become more involved with LoCo or LUG's but I am relocating
>           in the fall so will have to align myself with folks in the
>           new area.
>         * Set up a home network for media, file, and print services. Maybe
>         * Relaunch my podcast (I know I mentioned that before, so sue me)
>         * Learn to use Gimp and Inkscape better. Still stuck in the
>           Photoshop way of doing things so I get frustrated a lot and
>           it shows with some of my work.
>         * Teach my daughter how to use Linux more (so far she is doing
>           damn good. She hate's the mouse, but works the trackpad
>           better than her Mom. She also launches apps she knows are
>           for her by herself.)
>         * Get my laptop's SVideo to work with Natty! (BIG ISSUE for me)
>         * Learn HTML5 and increase knowledge with MySQL, PHP,
>           Javascript, and CSS
>         * Try out Kubuntu to learn to work under KDE more. (Gnome 3
>           isn't there quite yet and Unity seems a little quirky to me
>           at this time).
>         * Post more on my geek related blog (http://www.gogogeekboy.com)
>     I do quite a bit of things. And there is a lot more I would like
>     to do. Anyone has comments about my stuff, feel free to let me
>     know. I'm always up for talks and can be found on AIM, identi.ca
>     <http://identi.ca>, and twitter as voodoostevie.
>     Cheers!
>     On 06/29/2011 01:45 PM, Ralph deGennaro wrote:
>>     Hey all,
>>     I've been thinking (rare I know) about our status and lack of
>>     "umph".  And I have an idea.  Both as a topic in email, as well
>>     as perhaps one for July 2nd.
>>     After reading through (well skimming) the many emails I've
>>     missed, I see that we've been "delisted" as an official LoCo. 
>>     So, that's sad, but it at least gives us a place to start.  More
>>     interaction, activities and events seem to be the important
>>     pieces.  One thing to do is focus inward for a bit; and then see
>>     how that can lead to outward focused things.  BTW, I will get to
>>     my idea ...
>>     I see 83 people signed up for the list, and I doubt most of it is
>>     the media outlets just itching to know what we're up to.  I'm
>>     thinking with all those people, we have to have some common
>>     passions or desires.  I was hoping that everyone would respond to
>>     this email with two lists.  First is what do you all use Ubuntu
>>     to do?  A simple bulleted list is fine, nothing fancy.  Perhaps a
>>     topical name and two phrase description.
>>     Second would be what would you like to do?  Again, a simple
>>     bulleted list..  A topical name and where you'd like to go in
>>     that idea. Things can be personal or work oriented.  Meaning, I
>>     want to do XYZ with ABC for my family.  Or I do LMNO with PQR on
>>     photos.  Etc, etc.  One could also mention if this is a paid-gig,
>>     serious hobby (amateur photographer) or just for family &
>>     friends.  There could be "cross pollination" of experience and
>>     talents.
>>     And this is even for people who can't participate in person. 
>>     We've got to have some over lap in the two, as well as maybe more
>>     then one person is looking to do the same stuff.  And we're all
>>     digitally inclined.  So sharing the wealth (of knowledge) and
>>     desire (to tinker) among us should be fun.
>>     My list will follow shortly with the same title.  Hopefully
>>     threaded reader will keep them together...
>>     Best,
>>     Ralph (aka Rio)
>>     p.s.  My time is much more open now .... because, well, I don't
>>     have much work.  So I'm focusing on finding new work
>>     opportunities, but still aim to participate with the LoCo if I
>>     can find some cohorts...
>     --
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