[ubuntu-us-ma] OnSite Inspection Was: server down at SETC

leftyfb leftyfb at left-click.org
Wed Sep 29 05:03:36 BST 2010

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Ok, it ended up that I was able to get down to the SETC around 8pm tonight.
(sorry Martin, wasn't sure if/when I was able to show up)

Martin was right though, the machine has been up for 77 days and was
providing it's assigned services just fine. Upon further inspection, it
seems the public RCN IP address had changed which obviously prevented us
from connecting to it remotely.

I have updated the backup scripts to reflect the new IP as well as
implemented a cron job to check for a change in IP and it to email
Martin and myself of any changes.

Thanks everyone who had tried to help with this, especially Martin for
going down and checking in on it.

After the holidays and of course my wedding in 2 weeks, I plan on
getting back into the groove of things with the LoCo and hopefully get
us back on track with events, activities and eventually membership status.

Mike (leftyfb)

On 09/28/2010 09:07 PM, Martin Owens wrote:
> On Tue, 2010-09-28 at 20:57 -0400, mel king wrote:
>> it was good to see you here and the plan to  do pxe on the 19th of  
>> october
>> understand your frustration    when we have   a task requested from
>> a  
>> persons computer we try to honor it
>>   we work hard to convince people on the merits of ubuntu   when
>> that  
>> fails we comply with what is in their comfort zone
>> what you missed was that the individual who brought the computer you  
>> described left with one with ubuntu on it
>> i do wish you would honor ones right to choose 
> Thanks for the email mel, yes I also want to make sure people get what
> they want. What I see happening is that when a helper is
> dis-enfranchised, unexperienced and comfortable with old windows, they
> are very much unable to solve problems for users and it's no surprise
> that the users feel that their only choice is a step backwards to more
> familiar ground.
> I think we need some resources to lean on, something solid to refer to
> in order to solve problems and of course some external links to where to
> go for help when things go wrong.
> I'm thinking about how to do that effectively, a couple of posters ,
> maybe a file with some printed sheets etc.
> Martin,

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