[ubuntu-us-ma] Fwd: How can we consistantly evalutate CRT monitor quality?

Caroline Meeks caroline at solutiongrove.com
Sun Oct 3 19:27:02 BST 2010

Hi Peeps!

Looking for people with experience in hardware refirbishing.

This fall I'm working on a stick project in a city near Boston.  The project
is not ready for press yet, the organization we are working with has a
communication plan that puts communication with the residents first, in the
form of open meetings. Thus I don't want to prempt them with press.  So
thats why I'm being vague on a public list.  Please no blog posts about this

Our goal is to pass out hundreds of computers to the families living here.
We have support from the school department in the form of hunderds of
Pentium 4 boxes and the high school vo-tech students are testing them,
combining memory etc.

Overall things are going well but I could use help with today's small

The donation is boxes only. We will need to collect monitors.  The
organization we are working for already has a half dozen extra CRT monitors
and I also have donated monitors and when I asked for computer donations
last fall I turned down a ton of the big CRT monitors.  I have confidence in
our ability to get monitors.

Here is the technical issue that I am asking for help with.  Some of these
old monitors are dim and otherwise not of good quality. But they are still
usable.  However, I'd like to pass out the better monitors first.  To get to
scale I will need many different people helping with hardware setup and

Is there a way to have different people repeatably agree on how "good" a CRT
monitor is?  Is there a quantitive measure that is reasonably easy to use?
A test image that can somehow get repeatable results by different people?

This web site seems to have some very complicated answers:

But it seems to be for experts on how to make your monitor more perfect.
Anyone know of a simpler set of instructions/charts for computer
refirbishing volunteers to tell get a number that describes how badly an old
monitor sucks?


Caroline Meeks
Solution Grove
Caroline at SolutionGrove.com

617-500-3488 - Office
505-213-3268 - Fax

Caroline Meeks
Solution Grove
Caroline at SolutionGrove.com

617-500-3488 - Office
505-213-3268 - Fax
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