[ubuntu-us-ma] SETC ( et all )

Martin Owens doctormo at gmail.com
Mon Nov 15 18:54:04 GMT 2010

Thanks for opening the floor Paul,

The abridged story of the SETC is that the MA team provided classes
there for almost 3 years. Desktop classes and some systems admin
classes. Each tuesday bar a handful of days off we were there in force
(usually about 3 to 6 of us) to offer help, teach and help with anything
we could.

There was an understanding that there would be a replacement of the
front machines with Apples. This happened. What was not expected was the
shift of the middle room's 6 machines to Apple Mac also. This lack of
transparency has caused me to question the worth of spending time on the
SETC since the center seems to have no control over it's own workings
enough to not cause issue with groups running programs there.

Technical problems include: The lack of net boot, the loss of duel boots
and the lack of a solid auth network.

Other problems include: Al Willis of MIT, staunch supporter of Apple and
VMWare products, standing against the use of FOSS. Mel King, Apple fan.
Mel's sons, Microsoft supporters and Belay the sysadmin, Microsoft

There is a lack of oversight and structure to who is in charge or
responsible, no concrete systems administration skills to run the
center, no apatite for training and little technical skill in the wider
community of helpers to help.

In the past we have been very adaptable, trying our best to make sure
all platforms and software could work well, we got used and so we pulled
out running programs. Until the SETC have proven they have changed their
ways, I don't want us as a group to waste time on it.

Best Regards, Martin Owens

On Mon, 2010-11-15 at 13:33 -0500, Paul Tagliamonte wrote:
> Heyya MA,
> There's been a bit of talk about the SETC and getting stuff going
> again there. I'd love it if we could use this thread to talk a bit
> about what happened, if it's save-able, and if the team should devote
> resources to it ( including how much ).
> I think this would make a good "guide" if a team were to devote time
> to the SETC again.
> There are a lot of sore-spots ( personally ) with this, so let's try
> and keep this about the team and the SETC. Stories ( both positive and
> negative ) are OK, just make sure they're relevant to the thread.
> Thanks, guys! 

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