[ubuntu-us-ma] Ubuntu beta day - mouse problems

Margaret Piranian mpiranian at ncf.ca
Mon Mar 15 20:11:31 GMT 2010

Unfortunately I no longer live in Mass or I would come and (try to?)
help test.  So could someone please test 10.4 for mouse problems?

A few months ago I upgrades from 8.10 to 9.4 and a day or so later to
9.10.  My mouse kept dying - first it wouldn't select a link or scroll
but would still select a new firefox tab.  Eventually it wouldn't even
do that and I had to reboot to solve the problem.  (I got good at
keyboard short-cuts.)  Thinking the cyber-gods were angry because I
hadn't done a clean install, I tried running 9.10 from a live CD, but
still had the same mouse problems.  I also tried whatever pre-release of
10.4 was available and had mouse problems.  I then tried a live CD of
9.4 and it worked fine so I did a clean install.  I'm using a Lenovo
3000-N200 and logitech optical mouse and had the same problems with my
antique corded mouse.

Thanks to all the smart people who make Ubuntu work for the rest of us.

Maggy Piranian

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