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Danny Piccirillo danny.piccirillo at ubuntu.com
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Who here's coming to LibrePlanet? I might be recording the event on video
(or as much of it as i can) =]

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Subject: Libre Planet coming right up! (Hi!)
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LibrePlanet 2010 -- March 19th, 20th and 21st at the Harvard Science
Center, Cambridge, MA.

The annual free software conference LibrePlanet is the place for the
free software community -- from old school hackers to brand new users --
to come together and further the collective goals of the free software

This year's conference features a "Women's Caucus," a day-long track
focusing on finding concrete ways to increase women's participation in
free software, including a panel on recruiting and retaining women, a
presentation on mentoring and a workshop on how non-coders can take up
critical roles in free software projects. (Full conference schedule
here, http://groups.fsf.org/wiki/LibrePlanet2010/Schedule the Caucus is
on Sunday)

LibrePlanet 2010 will feature workshops on the most widely used free
software tools for working with the web, video, graphics and software
development. You can learn about the latest developments in the GNU
Project, free network services, digital radio, voice-over-IP,
encryption, software licensing, media formats, and view the premiere of
a new film on software patents.

This year's keynote speeches are from the founder of the free software
movement Richard Stallman and Electronic Frontier Foundation's founder
John Gilmore.

Register now for LibrePlanet at
http://groups.fsf.org/wiki/LibrePlanet2010. Please email
membership at fsf.org to ask about student scholarships!

Deborah Nicholson
Membership Coordinator
Free Software Foundation
617-542-5942 x12

Join us in Cambridge for LibrePlanet, March 19th-21st!


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