[ubuntu-us-ma] FOSSCON event this Saturday

Chris Butler chrisbutler72 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 17 17:50:12 BST 2010

Not heading to Rochester but...

Anyone planning on Linixcon here in Boston? Aug 10-12th I believe..


On Wed, Jun 16, 2010 at 11:03 PM, leftyfb <leftyfb at left-click.org> wrote:

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> As usual, I'm posting about an event I'll be attending at the very last
> minute. The event is FOSSCON and is being held this Saturday at RIT in
> Rochester, NY. If anyone else will be attending as well, I'd be happy to
> meet up with you there. Again, sorry for the delay. Life and planning a
> wedding are getting in the way lately. The following is from my blog
> post about the event:
> I just registered and booked a hotel to attend FOSSCON this Saturday.
> The official description of the event is as follows:
> The people behind FOSSCON are free software enthusiasts, user group
> members, coders and users ? just like you! Free software is all about
> community and this is a very grassroots event, organized by the
> community and for the community. Our common goal is to provide a space
> for us to all come together in the northeast.
> I?m hoping to meet up with lots of people from the open source world and
> attend some interesting and informative talks and workshops. If there?s
> anyone that would like to meet up during or after the event, feel free
> to post a comment here or contact me at leftyfb at ubuntu dotcom. Hope
> to see you all there!
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