[ubuntu-us-ma] Affording

Martin Owens doctormo at gmail.com
Thu Jun 10 21:27:09 BST 2010

On Thu, 2010-06-10 at 16:01 -0400, Michael Curran wrote:
> Though, since Canonical doesn't make mad-crazy
> money on licenses like MS, they can't afford to hand off everything to
> partners. 

Canonical is a $100m revenue a year company growing at awesome 30%,
Microsoft is several billion in revenues. It's not yet a fair comparison
and at the moment there is plenty of space for Ubuntu support companies
in all areas, even large deployments.

Although I figure that Canonical may in an ideal world want a slice of
all money, it's in the better interest of Ubuntu to not have Canonical
lock out or make the ecosystem toxic to independents.

Sometimes you gotta loose the battle to win the war and this is a
perfect example of where your proxy funding efforts through support
can't be too aggressively locking out others, otherwise you'll just end
up with trench warfare where you have to hire every trench-man like a


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