[ubuntu-us-ma] Business Plan of Action for Ubuntu Professional Support & Distribution

Michael Curran curran.michaelp at gmail.com
Thu Jun 10 15:24:13 BST 2010

Well, since you are competing with Canonical, you will have to answer
the obvious question, what do you bring to the table that is better
than Canonical or not provided by them?  Canonical's $65/year plan for
home users and ability to bring their organization to bear on larger
projects means that the bottom and top ends of the business are
blocked off to you.  The biggest market segments not directly
supported by Canonical are the Home and Small business segments, maybe
some of the mid-sized depending on the application.

On Wed, Jun 9, 2010 at 8:22 PM, Martin Owens <doctormo at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hey David,
> I fully approve, we need more businesses and local support in MA to help
> with legitimising and providing that much needed economic element.
> Good luck and I'm looking forward to reading your analysis.
> Martin,
> On Wed, 2010-06-09 at 20:07 -0400, David Wolfman wrote:
>> Hi Ubuntu-us-ma Members and Ubuntu Users and Any Interested Parties,
>> I am beginning development of a Business Plan of Action for the
>> distribution of Ubuntu through a system of paid support. I hope this
>> plan will help myself and others make Ubuntu a sustainable resource
>> for all, and further the goals and spirit of what has been done with
>> Ubuntu already. If anyone has any resources or experiences with this
>> type of matter, I am very open and serious about taking into account
>> your submissions and ideas. In fact I invite them!
>> The timetable: I am giving myself roughly one month to research and
>> compose this Plan of Action document.
>> The basis: There is a need to establish a paid support/tier system or
>> model which allows for the provisions of support in the Ubuntu
>> business model to be actualized.
>> The application: After submitting for group approval, if approved, I
>> will personally attempt to make this model work beginning on a very
>> small scale.
>> I hope this is a rational expression of what I wish to accomplish,
>> that is to create a Business model which allows for paid support to be
>> successfully implemented by people who can do it with a focus on the
>> sustainability of the human client and the human support provider.
>> Again, please submit suggestions, POI or research directly to me,
>> David Wolfman
>> dvwolfman at gmail.com
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