[ubuntu-us-ma] How do I activate my copy of Linux?

Martin Owens doctormo at gmail.com
Tue Jun 8 19:45:51 BST 2010

Hello Sean,

In order to activate Linux Mint you have to first download a copy of
Ubuntu from http://ubuntu.com/download/ and proceed to use the CD to
upgrade your system.

once you've got a full fledged system, you simply go to the "Donate"
button of your choice of target project's website and type in a number
that seems reasonable for the amazingly fantastical functionality you've
been given and obviously all your credit card details.

Once this is done you'll receive an email and a warm inner glow, glow
can be used to unlock hearts and minds in the next level although can be
lost when you encounter someone who isn't following the code of conduct,
also an item worth picking up for level three.

Hope this helps, and keep venturing!


On Tue, 2010-06-08 at 12:09 -0400, Sean Terrell wrote:
> I am truly loving using Linux Mint, but I am very frustrated right now!
> I know this is gonna make me look like a serious noob, but HOW DO I
> I want to be legal and be sure that I am using a Genuine copy of Linux
> Mint and not some counterfeit junk that some hacker has loaded down with
> nifty "features"! 
> I've looked through every menu entry in the Start menu and can't find
> any way to activate my copy of Mint, and I have not been prompted to do
> so. Is activation optional or something?
> I even tried typing a few things at the weird-looking DOS prompt
> (GoGenuine, MintActivate, sudo apt-get install genuine-linux,) but I got
> nothing!
> I'd really like to get this done! Thanks in advance for any help!
> Thanks 
> Sean ;)

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