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Hey guys, I always find these debates interesting.

I always like to have the sources available to I can see the context.  So
for anyone else interested: here is the source document:
(paragraph 139)

Additionally here is the law cited:


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> Subject: Demand Real Net Neutrality: Don't Let Hollywood Hijack the
> Internet
>     [image: Demand Real Net Neutrality. Tell the FCC: Don't Let Hollywood
> Hijack the Internet] <http://realnetneutrality.org>
> Last fall, the Federal Communications Commission proposed rules for "Net
> Neutrality" — a set of regulations intended to help innovation and free
> speech continue to thrive on the Internet.
> But is the FCC’s version of Net Neutrality the real deal? Or is it a fake?
> Buried in the FCC’s rules is a deeply problematic loophole. Open Internet
> principles, the FCC writes, "do not...apply to activities such as the
> unlawful distribution of copyrighted works."
> For years, the entertainment industry has used that innocent-sounding
> phrase — "unlawful distribution of copyrighted works" — to pressure Internet
> service providers around the world to act as copyright cops — to surveil the
> Internet for supposed copyright violations, and then censor or punish the
> accused users.
> From the beginning, a central goal of the Net Neutrality movement has been
> to prevent corporations from interfering with the Internet in this way — *so
> why does the FCC’s version of Net Neutrality specifically allow them to do
> so?*
> Go to the Real Net Neutrality petition to tell the FCC that if it wants to
> police the Internet, it first needs to demonstrate that it can protect
> Internet users and innovators by standing up to powerful industry lobbyists.
> Sign your name to demand that the copyright enforcement loophole be removed:
> [image: Take Action NOW!] <http://realnetneutrality.org/>
>   [image: Electronic Frontier Foundation] <http://www.eff.org>
> EFF appreciates your support and respects your privacy<http://www.eff.org/policy>
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