[ubuntu-us-ma] SSD in regular laptop? or Accelerometer?

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I think you are going to have trouble find a SSD that isn't SATA.

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Subject: [ubuntu-us-ma] SSD in regular laptop? or Accelerometer?

*now* I remember the question I wanted to ask last night ...

I am considering how to bump-proof a Thinkpad T60 laptop harddrive. Google usually finds answers but ...

a) is there a simple way to enable the Thinkpad's accelerometer to park the HD before impact? so far I have found 'it's hard' ...

b) is a modern large (60GB or 128GB) SSD usable as a straight replacement for a PATA/IDE laptop drive, or do I need to prevent swap/hibernate and remount multiple directories as tempfs , noatime, border, with erase alignment, etc? web pages offer different opinions, debunking each other.

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