[ubuntu-us-ma] Tuesday 4pm at Sprout in Somerville - Please come help the One2One2Go project that will be providing computers and bootable USB sticks to a Somerville Housing Project

Caroline Meeks caroline at solutiongrove.com
Tue Dec 7 00:34:47 GMT 2010

Thank you for all the responses.  We are hoping to be quite an active
project so if you would like to help please let me know and I'll add you to
the Google group. I will start to use that for most annoucements so that I
don't put too much traffic onto this mailing list.

We have an image ready for download and testing. Instructions are here:

We are trying to build on the work that has been done by Edubuntu, SETC and
others and create a solution for children that is portable. To that end Ian
has worked out a system to have dropbox backup and restore all the user
files.  We are asking for testing on this feature. Instructions on how to
test are in that google doc.

Thanks again for the support! I hope you like this image it has lots of fun
programs preinstalled.


On Sun, Dec 5, 2010 at 8:27 PM, Caroline Meeks
<caroline at solutiongrove.com>wrote:

> Hi everyone!
> As some of you may know we are working on a project to provide donated
> computers and bootable USB sticks with Ubunutu plus a educational
> software to the Clarendon Hill Apartments (CHA), a public housing
> project in Somerville.
> The computer center at CHA is run by the Haitian Coalition, a
> nonprofit entity. The computers and this project will benefit people
> of all nationalities living in the project. We hope it will also train
> members of the local Haitian community who wish to goto refugee camps
> and set up computer labs.
> On Weds we give our first class to the Haitian Coalition volunteers, a
> tech savvy group of Haitians who will be supporting computer access at
> CHA and in Haiti.
> On Tuesday I want to do a dry run of the first class and test!   We
> will meet at Sprout at 4pm and another group has the space at 7pm.
> If you would like to help test and develop the curriculum, bring a
> laptop and an empty 4GB USB stick.
> http://thesprouts.org/
> The class curriculum:
> https://docs.google.com/document/d/12bF3kcGJGUQpwG20MIoOzDfHxPMpz-xt_qBvEPuX32w/edit?hl=en&authkey=CJ7UyqMD
> We will be needing more help in the months to come, so if you can't
> make this or this part isn't your cup of tea please keep us in mind.
> Thanks!
> Caroline
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