[ubuntu-us-ma] EEEPC Help Pleese!

Mark J Dulcey mark at buttery.org
Thu Aug 26 01:00:04 BST 2010

On 8/25/2010 7:40 PM, Dave Hunt wrote:
> Hi, List!
> I just got a new EEEPC netbook, and am trying to get Lucid onto it.  I
> cannot get the post screen to come up at power-on.  According to the
> manual, I'm supposed to hit f2 at power-on and change the bios setup.  I
> can only get the Win 7 setup to come up.  I'm blind; my partner who is
> sighted cannot get this to work right, either.

When you first get an Eee, it's really hard to get into the setup 
because they have fast startup enabled and so you only have a very short 
window. All you can really do is keep trying -- and once you get there 
ONCE disable fast startup in the BIOS, that will give you more time to 
get into setup next time!

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