[ubuntu-us-ma] Is Ubuntu-centricity holding us back?

Wesley Hirsch emperorshishire at gmail.com
Sat Apr 24 17:21:58 BST 2010

Heh... I was just about to suggest that.  Beat me to the punch.  I agree,
it's probably a better idea to start a completely new group built around
F/OSS ideals.  I don't see a problem with most of us being a part of two
similar groups simultaneously, and I'm not entirely sure I wanna forsake the
Ubuntu connection if we have a choice.  I think it may be a bad idea to just
drop Ubuntu sponsorship, partially because of "Brand Recognition".  Out of
all the linux distros out there, Ubuntu is probably the best known to people
who don't know anything whatsoever about linux.  On the other hand, I agree
with Danny as well that we shouldn't be locking ourselves into one distro,
else we face the same kind of problem that proprietary systems face (Sure,
we can change it as much as we want, but then it's no longer really Ubuntu,
now is it?).


On Sat, Apr 24, 2010 at 8:19 AM, J.M. "Peng" Hardin <
peng.thinkblue at gmail.com> wrote:

> Great questions and comment, all. I haven't been anywhere near as active in
> the LoCo as I'd like, but would it be possible to set up a secondary but
> parallel group to promote GNU/Linux in general, without being
> distro-specific? I'm sure it's a lot more work than I realize, but it might
> give us the best of both worlds. I'm not sure how realistic the idea is, but
> I wanted to throw it out in case it's not as idiotic an idea as I think it
> may be.
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