[ubuntu-us-ma] Global Bug Jam event at MIT

Evan Broder broder at MIT.EDU
Mon Sep 28 23:04:55 BST 2009

Oh! A few more quick things -

I should mention that parking is going to be challenging if not
impossible to find. There's some discussion on the MIT Facilities
website about parking options
but none of them are very good. I'd recommend taking the T in, if you
can - we're only about a block away from the red line, and the #1 bus
drops off on the other side of campus, which is about a 10 minute walk away.

Also, if you run into any issues finding the room, feel free to give me
a call - my cellphone number is 615-364-4032.

- Evan

Evan Broder wrote:
> Hi everyone -
>     As a quick followup, I got my room reservation today.
> Our Ubuntu Global Jam event will be happening in room 32-144, in the
> Stata Center at 32 Vassar St. You can see a campus map at
> <http://whereis.mit.edu/?selection=32>. The room itself is a classroom
> on the ground floor, and all of the classrooms have their room number
> painted in large white numbers above the door, so hopefully it won't be
> too difficult to find.
> There's a little more information at
> <http://sipb.mit.edu/events/2009-ubuntu-global-jam/>, and I'll also be
> posting the event to <https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGlobalJam/Events> in
> just a few minutes.
> - Evan
> Evan Broder wrote:
>> Hi everybody -
>> As I'm sure many of you are aware, the Ubuntu Global Jam[1] is coming up
>> this weekend. Since it doesn't look like there's been a Massachusetts
>> event planned, the MIT Student Information Processing Board[2] (SIPB),
>> i.e. the student computing group on campus, is planning to host an event
>> at MIT, and anybody in the area is more than welcome to show up.
>> It's my understanding that the Global Jam is going to involve a lot of
>> testing and documentation, in addition to more direct bug fixing, so
>> hopefully the event will have opportunities for anyone who comes to
>> contribute.
>> Unfortunately, due to poor planning on my part, I don't have a specific
>> location on campus yet for the event, but I should in a few days, and
>> I'll be able to provide maps and so forth.
>> Regardless of where it happens, we'll be starting at 2 PM on Saturday
>> (Oct. 3), and continuing until whenever everybody leaves, which is
>> traditionally no earlier than 10 PM or so. (Apologies to those of you
>> who have Real Jobs/Real Lives/Real Schedules/etc - students live on
>> unusual schedules).
>> Thanks,
>>  - Evan Broder
>>    MIT SIPB Vice Chair
>> [1] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGlobalJam
>> [2] http://sipb.mit.edu/

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