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I don't agree with this idea. It's one thing to do this in public or at
an event or even in stores, but not at a release party. That's just rude
and inconsiderate no matter your intended message. How would you feel if
someone came to our release party next month showing off Windows7?

Lets try to advocate ubuntu and OSS in a civilized and
non-confrontational way and present ourselves as a serious message
instead of getting in the way of other people and their messages and
basically coming off as rude.

Bill Simonds wrote:
> I had some ideas for evangelizing Ubuntu. Microsoft is setting up
> Windows 7 parties, where people have meet-ups to evangelize Win 7. I
> was thinking of taking a laptop and crashing the parties to show them
> how they could get all this cool software for free. We could take
> Ubuntu disks and give them away at the windows 7 parties.
> We'll show people that they can run the disk w/out installing if they
> wish, and when ready do a dual-boot install, keeping Win around for a
> while longer...until they're ready to get rid of it for good.
> On Sat, Sep 26, 2009 at 12:30 PM, Martin Owens <doctormo at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Greetings Everyone,
>> Now that the Systems Administration classes have finished and wrapped up
>> and we are in an editing phase of that course material, I'd like to
>> invite people to come on Wednesday evenings to the SETC between 6:00pm
>> and 8:30pm to do advocacy.
>> We'll be chatting and working on various things each week, everything
>> from installing the latest beta/alpha release to sending emails and
>> gathering details of local organisations who need to know about Ubuntu
>> as an option.
>> I brought this up at last Thursday's meeting and it got such a positive
>> response and that our members believe that we need this kind of event to
>> kick some things off, that I'm going to go ahead and ask Mel.
>> If your interested in coming down, I'll be there every week. Hopefully
>> we can use this time to really organise some interesting and effective
>> community events.
>> Thoughts?
>> Best Regards, Martin Owens
>> DPic: Please socialise this message, sorry for the delay in getting it
>> out.
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