[ubuntu-us-ma] email to Best Buy regarding employee training lies.

leftyfb leftyfb at left-click.org
Thu Sep 10 20:51:46 BST 2009

The following is the email I will be writing to Best Buy customer 
service in regards to the recent news about them training their 
employees about "the important differences between Linux computers and 
Windows computers" which is mostly based on lies. I encourage others to 
write Best Buy customer service in a similar manner to help put a stop 
to training customer service and sales employees on lies about linux.

News link: 

My email:

As a computer technician by professional career and hobbyist, I have 
frequently shopped at Best Buy as well as suggested hundreds of 
customers do so as well for their computing and consumer electronics 
needs. Unfortunately, with the recent news that Best Buy is training 
employees with lies about the differences between the Linux operating 
system and Windows, I will no longer shop there, nor suggest to others 
since the validity of their customer service from the Best Buy sales 
team cannot be guaranteed.

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