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Will Karmic Koala discs be onhand during the next two weeks?

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On Oct 21, 2009 4:34 PM, "Randy Cole" <randyokc at gmail.com> wrote:


Every time I've tried to get a special rate from Comcast, it required
subscribing to cable or telephone service also. This is the case with
their $19.99 "Performance" internet service. This is called tying.

Be sure to check your written contract to confirm that your price is for
the 12-month term that they told you verbally, since they are
advertising only 6 months.

As for Verizon DSL, they show the starter pack for $19.99, only 1
megabit / sec download and 384 kilobit / sec upload, one year contract.
According to their website, I can't order DSL because I can get FIOS at

Bill Simonds wrote:
> Thanks for the robust response.
> I have this weird, powered antenna for wireless that replaces the low
> powered laptop antenna. It is made by Realtek. Wouldn't work quite
> right under 9.04. It wouldn't power up to boost your broadcast signal
> strength. Under the Karmic CD, it powered right up, and gave me a 100%
> connect strength.
> Doubt if I'll need it, though. Comcast is now giving high speed
> (10mps) internet for $19.99/mo for first 12 months. No contract or
> penalty for termination before the 12 months. That is so much better
> deal than I was getting. Verizon has a similar deal. 12mo/$19.99/mo.
> So with the war on between V & C, I'll not be using the wireless ISP I
> Those deals are worth checking out if you're unaware of 'em. They say
> in their adds that it's for 6 months, but if you call 'em up and
> demand 12 mo @ 19.99 they'll give it to you, at least Comcast will.
> On Tue, Oct 20, 2009 at 2:19 PM, Bill Simonds <wtsimonds at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I am wondering if we should install that Beta of Karmic from the
>> Ubuntu site, or wait for the official release. I am using the beta on
>> a CD, and am impressed - it has some features that work that did not
>> work on Jaunty 9.04.

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