[ubuntu-us-ma] wednesday night bug fixing

Daniel Hollocher danielhollocher at gmail.com
Sat Oct 10 03:41:17 BST 2009

Hey everyone,
I saw the plan to do advocacy work on wednesdays, including working
with bugs.  It looked like you guys wanted to focus on confirming
bugs, but I would like to work on fixing bugs.  If anyone else was
interested in fixing bugs on wednesdays, let me know.

Now, I know this probably won't be too popular, so consider this a
standing offer?  I'm pretty open as to what projects we would work on,
mainly because I'm not very knowledgeable on any particular tech.
Coincidentally, I was recently getting into a little gnome
programming.  I won't be able to consider going to that gnome
convention until Monday, but that certainly looked cool.  I'm probably
too embarrassed to go anyway, since I'm new to gnome programming.

There are the FTBFS errors that I got a message about the other day on
-devel-announce.  The email made it sound like the errors were very
easy to fix (just some compile time errors stemming from a new libc),
the only issue was  that there were so many and they needed help.
That could be a cool Wednesday activity.  Anyone interested?  I'll
probably check out those ftbfs errors sometime this week, see what
it's like.


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