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The biggest problems with getting linux into large organizations, is the cost of retraining people.  The truth is that most people have trouble tranistioning, no matter how easy or obvious things seem.  This is why the education sector is so caterted to by microsoft and apple.  And this is why gnu/linux and other FOSS have to focus as much as possible on secondary education.  Unfortunately public schools are pretty hard to penetrated, because the people making most of the decisions learned on windows.  Secondary education is accessible on multiple levels.  And these are the people that will be making the decisions in 10-30 years. 

The other problem is that most of the money made by gnu/linux is in the server end. And most of those companies don't have a lot of incentive to invest heavily in linux on the desktop.  So its left to the enthusiasts to combat billions of dollars of marketing and training programs.  And most of us have more than full time jobs, families, etc....

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Hey Bill,

> I know you're being realistic, Martin, when you talk about the
> complexity involved. Problem is...whenever you approach a problem
> "realistically" it produces a bunch of negatives. Almost any problem
> you look at looks like it's not doable. Sometimes it is better to take
> a flying leap off the cliff, and build your wings on the way down.

It's doable, oh I'm sure of that, it'll just need more pulling together
and more dedication from people who want to see it to the end. It's a
matter of working together on common goals and with common plans.

So to put the question shorter: Help us, join our battle.

Regards, Martin Owens

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