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Many of those kids are going to want to watch DVDs.  Thoughts on the restricted section?  I can imagine a fair amount of backlash once folks realize that the shiny new operating system can't even play their DVDs (or fan-subs for that matter).


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>>I'm very happy to see you'll be doing Anime Boston, and would be happy
>>to help out with (possibly) two of my friends.  Just a thought: why not
>>include the Ubunchu PDF files on a customized LiveCD of Ubuntu?  Then
>>having the print versions is less of an issue, since you'd no doubt run
>>I could roll a custom ISO for x86 that has Ubunchu wallpaper and anime
>>(or at least cartoonish, maybe Gartoon) icons.  The default homepage for
>>Firefox could be your group's website (or another one if we think it's
>>more proper), with the Ubunchu comics on the desktop.  Suggestions for
>>other anime/manga content for the CD are welcome...let me know if you
>>want me to go ahead and get this ready ASAP.

This would be cool, but i'm not sure how we would raise enough money to print our own disks on top of everything else

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