[ubuntu-us-ma] Can Ubuntu reach over 16, 000 anime lovers in April?

Danny Piccirillo danny.piccirillo at ubuntu.com
Tue Nov 24 01:12:31 GMT 2009

We, the Ubuntu MA LoCo are organizing a booth at the upcoming 2010 Anime
Boston convention and need support-- Please spread the word!

Digg: http://digg.com/linux_unix/Can_Ubuntu_reach_over_16_000_anime_lovers

Project page: http://linuxfund.org/projects/ubuntu/
Press release: http://www.ubuntu-massachusetts.com/news/1/

The announcement (please forgive me if the formatting is a bit messed up!)--

Can Ubuntu reach over 16,000 anime lovers in April? Of course it can, with
> the support of the rapidly expanding super mega-awesome community (that's
> you all)!


Anime Boston <http://animeboston.com/> returns for 2010 on April 2-4 and
the Ubuntu Massachusetts Local Community
Team<http://www.ubuntu-massachusetts.com/> has
some ambitious plans. Last year, I went in on behalf of the
dropped off 50 copies of the Ubunchu
Jaunty CDs attached, and they were all gone within the first couple of hours
of the first day of the convention. It seemed to be the only thing on the
flyer table that people actually wanted! The event was amazing. There were
people there from all over the country, even across the world. Over 15,000
people attended and that number has risen from little over 4,000 since the
first convention in 2003. For 2010, we're going to be reaching out to this
huge potential user base. While we're at it, we'll also be creating a new
model for Linux groups to raise funds for projects without the having to go
through registering as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization or being legally
recognized in any way.

Ubuntu really is a perfect candidate for the new operating system of choice
for all anime lovers, and that is exactly what we aim to make it. Is there a
more passionate and tight-knit, yet diverse and open minded cultural
phenomenon that we could target than the widespread anime fandom? Convention
goers are a great target audience. They tend to be slightly on the geeky
side but still cool of course and very receptive to Ubuntu. An OS that is
beautiful yet still highly customizable, Free and Open Source with a
supportive enthusiastic community that very much mirrors their own couldn't
be a better match! With the right planning along with support from the
community and maybe a couple of the big dogs, our goals are very attainable.

So, what exactly will we be doing? We can approach this on several levels,
starting with setting up a booth in the Dealers' Room of the convention.

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