[ubuntu-us-ma] The linux distribution Fedora?

Doc Kinne kinnerc at gmail.com
Tue May 26 14:22:56 BST 2009


On 26 May , 2009, at 08:08, Vaughn Allen Goodwin wrote:

> Does anyone know anything about the Linux Distribution 'Fedora'? How  
> does it compare to Ubuntu. Recently, Intel decided not to use Ubuntu  
> on its Moblin (Mobile Linux OS). Please compare and tell me how  
> Ubuntu is better, I await your reply.

Most of my Linux experience, in fact, is on Fedora. I've run Fedora 6  
through 10, and it is this distribution that my servers are on at work.

I find Fedora fine as a distribution. It seems to be a bit more  
conservative than *buntu, meaning you won't be getting the latest  
software in all cases, but I don't find that a problem at all. Their  
security releases seem to be up to par.

Having said all of that, I consider Fedora a server distribution, not  
a workstation or a laptop distribution. I never considered putting it  
on my laptop, for example. I would fear putting Fedora on any platform  
that required wireless (but in fairness, I'd fear putting any Linux  
distribution on any platform that required wireless.  :-)  *buntu has  
simply turned out - usually - to be the least problematic).

So, how does Fedora compare to Ubuntu? I'd say rather favorably. At  
this point I have no plans to convert our servers over from Fedora to  
Ubuntu, but the company will also be getting, in a few months, its  
first Linux workstation (right now all our workstations are Macs).  
This is going to a specific post-doc and unless he has any strong  
feelings on the matter, I plan on putting *buntu on it.

Finally, honestly, *buntu gets my nod not for any particular technical  
aspect, but it does one thing far, far, far better than anyone else  
out there: community. And while there are times when that can sound  
like a "touchy/feely" thing coming from a technologist, its not when  
you have concerns, problems or questions. Fedora does community as  
well. *buntu just does it better.
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