[ubuntu-us-ma] should i upgrade to jaunty?

kevin dreimiller kevin_dreimiller at yahoo.com
Wed May 20 18:18:55 BST 2009

my version of a lot of data is probably someone else's drop in the bucket.  

nonetheless - i think im going to buy a usb external harddrive in the near future that i can use for back up as well as maybe install jaunty on it.  and hopefully partition it appropriately.

where can i find your updated tutorial?


Daniel Hollocher <danielhollocher at gmail.com> wrote: psycocats is an OLD tutorial (for moving /home).  I actually rewrote
it, with more modern commands.  And, I restructured it so its

The first step would be to repartition, which takes a really really
really long time.  Especially since you say you have allot of data.

I'm gona say that your best bet would be to carve out a 10g partition,
just as a testing partition, and not worry about /home for now.  Or, 2
8g partitions, and try running a clean install of jaunty, with the
second as your separate /home partition.  I would create an extended
partition, and throw all the new partitions in there.  Make sure to
put it at the END of your drive.  That may make things easier.


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