[ubuntu-us-ma] should i upgrade to jaunty?

kevin dreimiller kevin_dreimiller at yahoo.com
Wed May 20 04:09:20 BST 2009

im totally stumped on this.  i ran the live CD tonight and it seemed to worked fine, tho couldn't run video because it doesn't have the codecs.  but everything else seemed good - it even detected my second monitor.

my fear is that since i have an ati radeon 3100 vid card it wont work properly, namely the video.  

im using a toshiba satellite l305d series.  3 gigs ram, ati radeon 3100.  almost no problems in intrepid except that it seems a little sluggish lately.  the live cd seemed to run faster than my intrepid install.

and if i do upgrade and it doesnt work right, id like to be able to just revert back to my setup now, but i dont' know if thats even possible?


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