[ubuntu-us-ma] Newbie to Ubuntu

JAMES BARCLAY amergin4 at verizon.net
Sun May 17 03:57:12 BST 2009

Here I am in Worcester right near WPI where they love Red Hat and BSD.  
I've been playing around with Linux for awhile in Caldera, Open Linux, 
SuSe and Mandrake. but they really didn't stimulate me much and seemed 
mored aimed at business and server.  I've dropped them, kept their 
manuals and a few other things and decided, when I heard the exciting 
news from, of all places, Debian, about Ubuntu.
Its going to take me awhile to do more research and learn what "Jaunty 
Jackalope" can do with me new homebrew computer- and also learn how be 
an experienced Ubuntu and Kubuntu user. So please be patient with me.  
I'm printing out as many manuals, lists and references as I can and am 
loading to disk what I can with this XP thing.  I'll ditch it by the end 
of next week.
I just wish more Linux was happening in Worcester and I'll try to find out.
May I join your team, please?
Jim (Happyprof)

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