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Doc Kinne kinnerc at gmail.com
Tue May 12 03:25:13 BST 2009


On 11 May , 2009, at 16:33, Daniel Hollocher wrote:
> Hey cool, I've got myself an eee 1000HE too.

Nice.  :-)

> I'm replying because I'm curious what the best flavor of Ubuntu to use
> is.  I tried Intrepid Eeebuntu, and did not like it.  The hardware
> worked, but there were quirky configuration things going on.  I just
> wanted added support, but it seems like those guys were trying to
> customize it further.   I haven't used it a whole lot, so I can't say
> I tested it that much.

Well, I'm in largely the same boat. I researched things well, but I've  
not had time to use it all that much. However, what I have used has  
worked exactly as advertised.

What you need to realize, Daniel, was that four years ago I had a  
HORRIBLE experience getting a supported Orinoco Gold PCMCIA card to  
work with a Dell Inspiron 7000. That experience terrified me away from  
getting an actual Linux laptop. So, having things *WORK* was my  
absolute first, bar none, priority. Second was the GUI. To be honest,  
I do not like the Netbook Remix GUI so I went with a standard Eeebuntu  

The Eeebuntu project seems like its quiet active with their 3.0  
version based on Jaunty coming out within the next two weeks. We'll  
see where it goes from there!

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