[ubuntu-us-ma] New Kid in the Family!

Mark J. Dulcey mark at buttery.org
Mon May 11 22:44:43 BST 2009

Daniel Hollocher wrote:
> Hey cool, I've got myself an eee 1000HE too.
> I'm replying because I'm curious what the best flavor of Ubuntu to use
> is.  I tried Intrepid Eeebuntu, and did not like it.  The hardware
> worked, but there were quirky configuration things going on.  I just
> wanted added support, but it seems like those guys were trying to
> customize it further.   I haven't used it a whole lot, so I can't say
> I tested it that much.
> Currently, I got a Jaunty UNR install and a Jaunty LPIA-port
> installed.  Personally, I like the lpia install, since its just the
> regular gnome interface which Im used to.  But, I'm too lazy to see if
> there is any power savings benefits.  And then there is array.org
> too...

You can get rid of the netbook desktop easily on UNR if you want to, 
it's one of the settings in Preferences. I like the netbook desktop on 
the small screen (Eee 900A here) but as always YMMV.

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