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Peter Costanza peter.costanza at gmail.com
Fri May 8 18:56:37 BST 2009

What would be really really really really nice would be a place, like a
storefront, or an office in an office somewhere in Cambridge, with Hours,
where a person could bring their laptop and say, "can you help me," or "can
you tell me," how to install this Lotus Notes client, or GroupWise client,
or whatever, on Ubuntu / wine or whatever. Or, what program should I use for
simple photo editing in Ubuntu, or, how do I get my laptop screen to work

If there were such a place, you could build the community one user at a
time, but they would have to be able to count on the help. The average
person out there is still far from willing or able to pick through the
not-inconsiderable online resources that may contain the answers to such
questions as those posed above.
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