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Can anybody think of a good name for this to operate under?

On Wed, Apr 22, 2009 at 15:43, Danny Piccirillo
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> Thanks for all the responses! I don't think Ubuntu Geek Squad (would
> we legally be allowed to use that name?) would cater to
> businesses/schools YET-- just home users. The key for this to succeed
> is to start SMALL, and work hard to grow the business. Of course
> people are set in their ways, that's what this LoCo is here to fight,
> and i think a business could fight even better!
> YES, the most important thing will be pushing for conversions, but i
> don't think this will be hard! If we created informational flyers and
> perhaps offered one free consultation, we could bring a nice system76
> laptop to show off Ubuntu. People already do computer support for
> Ubuntu on their own, but making this into a business will hopefully
> drive up the customer base which would hopefully be a reason for more
> people to want to work for us instead of on their own.
> As for getting linux in schools, i'm doing my Senior Year Project on
> trying to get my school to adopt Ubuntu and i might be getting
> teachers to put Ubuntu on their machines (only those who volunteer for
> this), and even an entire computer lab of Ubuntu machines! If that is
> successful, the Newton Public Schools could adopt it even more =]
> On 2009-04-22, Doc Kinne <kinnerc at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Folks:
> >
> > Jack is quite right, but I just want to  chime in that while it could
> > work, it would take a "coordinated assault."
> >
> > I moved here last year from Ithaca, NY where we had a pretty large
> > "Ithaca Free Software Association." Via the efforts of my old
> > boyfriend, who know is active in the NH Ubuntu group, Ubuntu was the
> > "Linux of Choice" for the group. We worked for a few years (say 4-5)
> > and managed to get Linux in the High School. The ultimate achievement
> > of the program was having the High School actually hire a Linux
> > Systems Administrator.
> >
> > What this ultimately took, however, was specific inside, one-on-one
> > contacts in the school.
> >
> > Microsoft and Apple can do what they do because they have the
> > resources of several deities. We don't. While theirs is a frontal
> > assault, Linux still needs to be more of a "sneak attack." I am
> > convinced that Ubuntu is the best positioned distro for it, but it
> > still remains an uphill battle.
> >
> > I'm not saying its not possible. I'm not saying its not worth doing. I
> > am saying its a very long haul project.
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> > On 22 Apr , 2009, at 09:14, Linane, Jack wrote:
> >
> >> Change is hard for most people. Once you get set in your ways it is
> >> EXTREMLY difficult to change. People havwe been putting up with
> >> Microsoft for years. Their attitude is that's the way it is!!
> >>
> >> I think a UGS Ubuntu Geek Squad could work now. I feel the place to
> >> target is the k-12 schools. Apple did it years ago by giving free
> >> CPU's
> >> and charging for the software. With the budget cuts coming in heavier
> >> each year schools are going to need a stable alternative. If little
> >> Johhny goes home and tells his parents about "A new software they are
> >> using at school" parents will ask questions about it. They may
> >> possibly
> >> load it at home, love it and tell their bosses and co workers about
> >> it.
> >> The best marketing tool is word of mouth.
> >>
> >> My 2 cents.
> >>
> >> Jack
> >
> >
> >
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