[ubuntu-us-ma] [ubuntu-jp-team:23316] Re: Can we collaborate?(from Ubuntu Japanese LoCo)

hito at kugutsu.org hito at kugutsu.org
Wed Mar 11 02:56:11 GMT 2009

Hi, Martin

Thanks for your replying.

> I visited to ask you about ubunchu
> (http://www.aerialline.com/comics/ubunchu) But according to the artist,
> you will be translating it to English? This is good news!

Yes, we planed translating "Ubunchu" to English. We knew that the
English translation is very important by your blog articles.

But we have some baggage. We are nonnative, and you know that
many Japanese people'ss English are too poor;)
// It called Eng*r*ish. Significant example is this e-mail! ;)

So, We need  helpful proof readers by native English ubunteros.
Did you know anyone work in the following phase 2)?
Phase 1) is our task.

[Plan of "Ubunchu" translation]

Phase 1) Draft (Japanese -> Eng *r* ish)
We(Japanese LoCo) translate to Eng*r*ish from Japanese.
So, we get translation of 'broken English'.

Phase 2) Translation(Eng *r* ish -> English)
Anyone translate to English from Eng*r*ish.

Phase 3) Author(Seotch)'s check


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