[ubuntu-us-ma] FSF, LibrePlanet

Martin Owens doctormo at gmail.com
Tue Mar 10 15:00:44 GMT 2009

Hi gang,

The FSF are holding a development event that fellow programmers and
researchers may be interested in attending (see below)

Best Regards, Martin Owens


The Free Software Foundation is holding it's first
annual LibrePlanet event, on March 21st and 22nd.

What is it? Two days of collaboration focused on free network services,
the FSF high-priority projects list, the new LibrePlanet activism
network, and more!

Who's coming? Free software developers, entrepreneurs and software
freedom activists.

Where is it? Harvard Square in Cambridge, MA. Easy to get there on
public transport, too!

How can I connect with my fellow attendees? #libreplanet on freenode or
the wiki, http://groups.fsf.org/index.php/LibrePlanet2009.

On the first day of the event, we'll have an update on all the key areas
of software freedom. Richard Stallman (President and founder of the Free
Software Foundation) will share his hopes for the coming year in free
software. Evan Prodromou (identi.ca, autonmo.us, Control Yourself, Inc.)
and Bradley Kuhn (autonomo.us, Software Freedom Law Center, Software
Freedom Conservancy) are going to help us get into the nitty gritty
details of how we go about ensuring user freedom on the network, while
Jeremy Allison (Samba) will cover the international situation for free

Details on all the speakers, http://tinyurl.com/cfj22g

The second day will be organized in the Open Space-style -- Bring a
laptop and get ready to collaborate! If you're keen to help advance free
software network services, or just want to engage in some brainstorming
about free software activism, you'll be in good company. 

There will also be an informal gathering on Saturday night to give
everyone time to get to know each other, chat about stuff we didn't
cover and start thinking about what might get done during Sunday's

Sounds great! How do I RSVP? Put your name on the wiki,
http://groups.fsf.org/index.php/LibrePlanet2009 and (if you aren't an
Free Software Foundation associate member) pay the $60 registration at

Anything else? The more the merrier! If you know other free software
hackers or enthusiasts, forward this invite to them! And feel free to
use the wiki space to organize additional meet-up events surrounding the
conference, or make suggestions about what should happen during the

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