[ubuntu-us-ma] Ubuntu as the SETC

Martin Owens doctormo at gmail.com
Mon Jun 29 04:57:13 BST 2009

Dear Mel King and Ubuntu LoCo Members,

Following our last meeting we want to try and unify the tech we are
using at the SETC and to do this we will need your help.

The plan is to get a server dedicated to Ubuntu Installs, probably
holding an apt-cache at the SETC for Tuesday 7th July, I'd then like to
organise an install party for the Saturday 12th of July to get the lab

 Mel does this sound like a reasonable idea?

I would like to allow the installation in the front lab, making them all
duel boot, is this possible? I know that a stable installation will be
available via PXE boot and we should take advantage of it on the day.

What we need:

 * A static IP Address given to the server, assigned by MAC address (Ed)
 * The PXE dhcp configuration set to the server to allow booting (Ed)
 * Construction and delivery of machine to the SETC (leftyfb)
 * Confirmation that it's ok to get to work (Mel)

I will send a message to the list in about a week letting everyone know
if we're good to go or not. Hopefully we can have a consistent, teacher
friendly Ubuntu duel boot install on all the machines.

Best Regards, Martin Owens

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