[ubuntu-us-ma] Ubunchu Prints for Anime Boston 2010

Bill Ricker bill.n1vux at gmail.com
Mon Jun 22 02:46:52 BST 2009

> I just got this comment on my post: "I can't believe you made kopibon for an
> American convention! That's not just awesome, that's MEGAS AWESOME!

I noticed that :-)

> I don't know what long-lead-time means-- just buying way ahead of time?

so a real printer can run it non-urgent as a filler job, so not at the
URGENT rate.
 that's how any inexpensive but quality freebie is done.

> not sure how other LoCo's could buy in since this is a boston event, so it
> makes sense for us to only display our name.

Blank space for rubberstamp? Or URLs for us, US Loco, and space for a
local LoCo rubber stamp or sticker?

> Also, it's not just the printing that will cost a lot, we also have to pay
> for them to distribute these in their registration bags.

They *charge*  to stick your freebies in their members bags?
This sounds like the worst of the old school ComixCons, that make
pay-per-autograph sessions look Free and Open.
Unless they're quoting you the commercial studio and store advertising rate ...
this sort of freebie should be gratefully accepted for free stuffing.

> How would that work if we're not a registered non-profit?

If they aren't trying to deduct it on their taxes as charitable, it
doesn't matter. It's still deductable as a Business Expense to the
extent that it cost them anything. IANAL.
The point is if we aren't taking donation$ being not-for-profit is
generally good enough.

> I was actually
> thinking of a table in the Artists' alley to sell copies of Ubunchu + CD's,
> but we could also get a booth in the Dealer's Room where we can sell
> anything.

If we take $ for value on which we make a surplus, if nominal not even
covering cost to produce, even though not-for-profit and all-volunteer
for use in later operations, life gets trickier, not just with con but
with state and feds. IRS charity or business tax, State sales tax,
state corporation registration, state charity or business tax. And
liability insurance. IANAL

Publicly soliciting donations without registration is an area i am
unknowledgable about. IANAL.

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