[ubuntu-us-ma] New Event: Installfest / Exploration Ubuntu (Planning)

Cam Cope maccam94 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 5 20:28:51 BST 2009

Hi Ralph,  Thank you for all of this great input. Here's what I think, in
the order of your ideas:

   - I'm not familiar with mailing lists for towns, but maybe there are
   community news websites? I am going to reach out to any nearby LUGS/computer
   groups that I can find (if anyone finds any, let me know)
   - Public bulletin boards are a great idea. We would need to decide on a
   suitable size and then these advertisements would need the following: An eye
   catcher, a brief description of what Ubuntu is, a link to a webpage for the
   installfest, and the date/location of the installfest.
   - Computer shops would be great to advertise in. The problem is that they
   have to be experienced with Linux already, or else we'll be taking away from
   their business. If we can find shops that already advertise Linux, or if we
   ask around and find shops that are Linux friendly, we should ask to leave
   flyers there.
   - I think the size of this event will be hard to predict. I think our
   advertising is going to be much more effective than it has been in the past.
   Also, I would like to try to reach out to Linux users and groups in the area
   who might be interested in attending or collaborating. Once I get a location
   set, I'll contact everyone on the Ubuntu Massachusetts Team and find out who
   is able to help. I'd like for this event to be large, but we need to have
   enough team members there to handle it, and we need to make sure the size is
   appropriate for the location.
   - Gyms have actually come up when I've asked around for location ideas,
   but I don't think a gym would work because we need power outlets and
   ethernet ports. My current plan is to find a student who goes to college in
   Boston who'd be willing to sign up space for us. I'm going to contact the BU
   LUG and see if they can help or collaborate.
   - Once we confirm that the installfest is definitely happening, I'll have
   a brainstorm session on IRC to come up with Demo/station ideas, and then ask
   people to volunteer to work on ideas of their choice.
   - We might set up a computer running a slideshow of Ubuntu Screencasts,
   or record accessing various programs and doing simple tasks.
   - Those printing prices look pretty reasonable. After we lock down the
   location we can get advertising started, figure out what sizes we want, etc.
   I'm sure we can always use donations, this event probably won't be cheap
   (especially if we have to rent a room).

Again, thank you very much for all of those ideas. I'm sure we'll be
discussing some of them further tonight.


On Tue, Jun 2, 2009 at 11:57 PM, Ralph deGennaro <rmdegennaro at gmail.com>wrote:

> Hey Cam & all,
> Okay, between big sql jobs running and catching up on Ubuntu email....  Man
> there's alot...  I'm sad I missed the Star Trek "team-building"  Cool
> movie...  I'm also sad I cann't help out preparing or make it to the event.
> But here's some quick thoughts I had that in general I hope helps.  Mostly
> stuff I've accumulated from the list and/or on my own.
> Places to market besides newspapers/radios/local mags:
>    - some towns/communities have computer related mailing lists.  e.g.  I
>    had gotten some business by word of mouth on the Arlington list a few years
>    back.  I don't know how many nor their policies, but a thought,
>    - if anyone wants to run around, many local libraries (typically) have
>    board(s) to post 8x11 or smaller flyers.  my girlfriend posts ESL adverts,
>    and Sara mentioned it.  again, I'm not 100% on policies, and it may vary
>    form community to community.  might be easy to call around.
>    - small "mom & pop" computer shops might allow us to leave some flyers
>    at their store.  I like the idea, but it might take some convincing (or
>    better said: discussing).  I like it because its a good opportunity to talk
>    about what they do in detail and learn how to advocate Ubuntu to them and
>    their customers (how to incorporate them into the community and how Ubuntu
>    can help them/ theirservices).
>    - anyone know of non-techie local orientated blogs that are still
>    related to using computers?  e.g. local photographer that talks about
>    digital image processing?  maybe email them to invite them to our event
>    (making sure someone has a semi-prepared presentation for them) and
>    hopefully they will then talk about it on their blog?
> I hadn't really thought through whether these things would bring too much
> traffic for our group to handle.  Was just jotting down ideas over
> time/review/standing..in the shower...thinking (sorry song reference and I'm
> tired).
> In relation to writing press-release and/or info on flyers (especially bi
> or tri fold), avoid Weasel Words<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Avoid_weasel_words>.
> Talking to a friend (who's done marketing) about FOSS he mentioned I'd like
> the Wikipedia page.  Even though its writing-style for Wikipendia, there are
> good points lower down.  Also maybe mention migration from windows on the
> flyer?
> I asked a client that does event planning about some ideas for places to
> hold such events.  He suggested, in general, that some churches or schools
> rent out gymnasiums inexpensively; BSSC has indoor leagues that do so.  To
> do more, i.e. have him hunt one up, we'd have to pay him.
> The idea of stations for topics is awesome.  Good signs, big printed or
> hand-made, would help things look professional/organized and make it more
> welcoming to people.  Also, maybe some people could look at some small
> business apps (GNucash or Kmoney, others?).  I wish I had time to rebuild
> some Access apps I've done in ODB.  Are there any video editors that are
> seasoned enough (Arista or Transmegadon)?
> It might also be cool to have one computer or DVD/TV running some good
> Ubuntu videos in loops.  Or even of apps that Ubuntu has deafult or in the
> repositories.  If people find some I have a friend who owes me some
> work-in-trade.  He does video (among other things) video presentations for
> trade shows and what not  He might be willing to do one for us.
> Last bit, I had this as a note (sorry I haven't had time to organize/post
> them).  Its who SETC uses and I called for some info a whiles back.  Prices
> may be out of date, but still might be helpful:
> Next Entertainment Graphics <http://nexgraphix.com/>
> 778 Tremont St
> Boston, MA 02118
> (617) 572-3326
> Promoter Pack $300 = 5000 flyers (2.75 x 4.25) + 50 posters (11 x 17)
> Posters (11 x 17) > 100 = $1.50 per / > 250 = $1.00
> Flyers (2.75 x 4.25) > 250 = $47.00, > 500 = $77.00
> If cash is needed for the flyers, posters, event location and/or other
> stuff (Felicia?), email me (or the list).  I will chip in, send a check to
> whomever is handling stuff...
> Take care all and see you come Sept/Oct,
> Best,
> Rio
> p.s.  Nice car Mike!  When my Accord finally dies its either that or a
> Prius....
> On Tue, Jun 2, 2009 at 11:08 PM, Mark Kohls <mkkohls at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'd be up for helping with the installing ubuntu, gretting people and
>> other stuff that needs to be done.
>> Mark K
>> mkkohls
>> Cam Cope wrote:
>> > I just reached Mako, and so far the Media Lab is looking iffy. In the
>> > meantime, please check out the wiki and post ideas to the Installfest
>> > planning page.
>> > I need people to either respond to this thread or post in the wiki
>> > about the following:
>> >
>> >     * Possible venues (in case the Media Lab doesn't work out or if we
>> >       think of something better)
>> >     * I need people to reply to this list saying they are willing to
>> >       do the following:
>> >           o Advertising
>> >                 + If you have ideas, add them to the wiki. If you
>> >                   don't want to make an account, post them here
>> >                 + If you want to help place posters or hand out
>> >                   fliers, say so
>> >           o Come to the event to:
>> >                 + Help install Ubuntu
>> >                 + Run a presentation on something Ubuntu/OSS related
>> >                   (you can also just list ideas)
>> >                 + Demonstrate Ubuntu features (same as above)
>> >                 + Greet/Stand outside to get people to come in (What
>> >                   good is a banner if people don't know what it means?)
>> >
>> >
>> > I will contact people who reply to this thread when I have updates
>> > (advertising methods we're going to use, when we'll meet up, etc), and
>> > I'll copy relevant info to the wiki.
>> > -Cam
>> >
>> > On Sat, May 30, 2009 at 8:25 PM, Martin Owens <doctormo at gmail.com
>> > <mailto:doctormo at gmail.com>> wrote:
>> >
>> >     Hey Mike,
>> >
>> >     Good questions, the marketing team is split between me doing the
>> >     graphics and design, teru doing the press releases (which she is
>> >     awesome) and the central ubuntu-marketing team for advice.
>> >
>> >     Budget is what ever we can raise, once we have prices we can decide
>> on
>> >     the value of putting them in.
>> >
>> >     Regards, Martin
>> >
>> >     On Sat, 2009-05-30 at 17:49 -0400, Drascus wrote:
>> >     > I have done some research on potential advertising in the
>> >     Cambridge area
>> >     > I only need to call around and check rates. I was wondering if
>> >     we had an
>> >     > advertising budget? or if we have a Marketing team? I would be
>> >     willing
>> >     > to chip in for the cost of advertising if it could be to our
>> >     benefit.
>> >     >
>> >     > Mike C.
>> >     > Drascus321
>> >
>> >
>> >
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