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Ralph deGennaro rmdegennaro at gmail.com
Fri Jun 5 19:54:05 BST 2009

Hey all,

Can't make the meeting, trying to get done so I don't work the weekend and
have some time to myself...

Reason for me writing though is the client who is an event planner called
back.  He's a bit high-energy and I guess the energy wasn't focused on just
paying customers today.  So I tried to write down eveything he was saying,
so I apologize for my scattered notes and not organizing them well for
presentation to everyone.

The biggest advice he said was to figure out ranges for the following:

   - amount of lighting
   - know space requirements:  greeting area size, # people manning table,
   place to put/store SWAG, are they registering?
   - know space requirements: call them "pods" as that's the typical term,
   get idea for space for the leader/equipment from us, participants sitting
   down, and people standing around watching)
   - ask good questions about flow of participants between pods, meaning
   figure out if layout is good for us.
   - know space requirements:  distance between pods (same room, different
   rooms, do we need areas for side-conversations/demos)
   - ask what network/wireless/actual power/extension chords they provide
   - make sure to ask about setup-time & clean-up time around actual event
   - ask about bathroom locations before hand, be ready to do our own signs
   - figure out kitchen/refrigerator/etc. necessities
   - some places ask about needed security and if money will exchange hands
   during the event
   - ask if any work can be done in trade.

This is especially important when calling places to hold the event.  They
will take the caller more seriously and be more forth-coming with
information and be more accommodating.  Meaning as soon as the place you
call realizes its a hassle, they'll try to get rid of you.

Anyways, he gave me a list of other places.  We can probably google or look
up in the phone book.  Most are downtown area.

   - Cloud Foundation
   - State Street Room (might be pricey, but have smaller rooms)
   - BC Club or UMASS Club (Backbay)
   - Boston Center For Arts
   - Artists Humanity Epicenter
   - Ben Franklin Institute
   - Dorothy-Quincy Suites
   - BackBay Event Center (also has smaller rooms)
   - stay away from Hotels unless you know someone

If we had a budget, or could work in trade there are other places he has
contacts.  But until we are of a level where this is higher profile, I don't
want to ask him to go that far.

Oh, last thing is I have a few things that I could figure out how to live
without for the event.  So you guys are welcome to borrow a AMD2600 with 1GB
of RAM (smallish business-looking case that would fit on a desk/under
monitor), 1 LCD monitor, and 5 CRT monitors.


On Fri, Jun 5, 2009 at 1:53 AM, Cam Cope <maccam94 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi everyone,  I've got some ideas that I'd like to bounce off of people,
> and I'm sure a lot of you have ideas but haven't had the time to write them
> down. I'd like to have a meeting in the team's IRC channel this evening
> (Friday 6/5) at 8pm. Come to #ubuntu-us-ma on freenode to discuss the
> installfest.
> -Cam Cope
> aka "maccam94"
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