[ubuntu-us-ma] SETC mini installfest tomorrow night! with baked goods

Mark J. Dulcey mark at buttery.org
Tue Jun 2 18:55:29 BST 2009

Doc Kinne wrote:
> Cam:
> On 02 Jun , 2009, at 12:28, Cam Cope wrote:
>> By the way, can I get a ride from SETC to South Station again? Maybe 
>> this time not in the "trunk" of the smart car? :-P
> While I realize that this was meant to go to Mike, you do realize that 
> you can easily get to South Station on the T. You can get on the Orange 
> Line at Back Bay, transfer over to the Red at Downtown Crossing, and go 
> down to South Station.

You can also ride any commuter rail train from Back Bay Station to South 
Station for free - not usually helpful because of the limited schedule, 
but handy if you're there at the right time.

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